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Baking Ideas

23 Jan

I love to bake. Growing up, I have always helped my mom bake in the kitchen.  She taught me everything there is to baking.  I like that there are specific directions to get the right outcome.  I’ll admit my creations don’t always turn out as I hope but I love experimenting trying new recipes.  My favorite place to find new recipes is Pinterest.  It is my favorite site to waste time on.  It is an amazing site that lets its users share their internet finds on their pin boards.  Each user titles different pin boards with separate categories.  Users can peruse different categories on the site to find what they’re looking for.  My favorite areas to search are baking ideas and crafts.  I have a board specifically for my baking dreams.  I use this for any fun baking ideas I find throughout Pinterest.  I love how artistic bakers are with their creations.  I’m an Integrative Arts major with a concentration in Graphic Design.  I love that with baking I can incorporate my creative side, especially with decorating.  This site has wonderful ideas for any creative person.  I love to experiment with the ideas I find on the site.  It is a wonderful way for people all over the world to share they’re ideas.