Baking Blogs

6 Feb

Baking blogs have become increasingly popular. Many amateur bakers have taken up sharing their baking experiments and advice with the world. This has stemmed from the very popular food blogs. I found a great blog called Baking Bites. The articles give new and fun recipes for readers to try, while also give hints and tips about how to do different baking tricks. It also gives How To’s occasionally. A current one is How to Temper Chocolate. I would never know how to temper chocolate or even what it’s used for. It’s great to learn new tricks i would have never heard of through these baking blogs.  Baking Bites also wrote a post about baking blogs. It reviews other blogs and their recent posts. There are reviews of recipes and other uses for kitchen appliances. One talked about other uses of a waffle iron. The writer suggests to use it at a panini press and grilling french toast. Baking blogs have moved the art of baking much further. It allows recipes and tips to be shared much quicker and to a great amount of people.


2 Responses to “Baking Blogs”

  1. mmt5096 April 23, 2012 at 7:50 pm #

    I am an awful cook but I love to bake. I have also gained a lot of inspiration and ideas about baking from Pinterest but I have never thought to check out baking blogs like I recently learned how to make mini-cheesecakes using nabisco nilla wafers but I loved the article from called, ‘How to turn cupcakes into mini cupcakes’. I plan on using the recipe they provided to make mini Red Velvet Cupcakes because I have most of the ingredients already in my pantry! Thanks for blogging about this great website, I bookmarked it and plan on returning to it for tips and recipes in the future!

  2. Danielle Evans April 25, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    I love looking at different recipes and different pictures of both sweet and salty foods. I think it’s fun to try and see what looks easy and simple to make! If you have not seen the food blog, Food Porn Daily, I think you should definitely check it out. The recipes are very complex but it is a great blog to read during your free time, the pictures are amazing and makes the food look out of this world! I think there has definitely been a rise in food blog interest and I personally have found myself reading about food more than ever. I wonder why this food obsessed craze has just begun but I definitely do enjoy it!

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