A Real Kitchen

27 Feb

I love baking and food bloggers that seem like real people.  Now obviously since they are blogging they’re real…what I mean is that they seem like a real person, making mistakes, not knowing how to do something etc.  It’s more comforting than reading about someone who does everything perfectly.  Real Girl’s Kitchen is a great example of this.  Haylie Duff (yes, Hilary’s sister) is the blogger.  She has a great site with tips, recipes, and restaurant reviews.  Her site even includes a link to her twitter and posts any tweets that have to do with food or her blog.  Also, as a graphic designer, I must say I love the design of the site.  Haylie declares on her site that she’s not much of a baker, but occasionally shows a few of her finished products.  This is mostly a food blog, but the set up, dedication and effort put behind it makes this a great example of a blog that really tries to connect with its readers.

The Recipes and Blog section is wonderful.  Haylie posts her recent creations and how to make them.  She recently had a dinner party and shares the many dishes she created for the event.  I love that she posts pictures of her creations and her dinner guests (if you look closely you can pick out stars from 7th Heaven and 8 Simple Rules).  She’s just a normal girl having a cute dinner party with her girl friends.

Her Restaurant Review section is dedicated to the many restaurants she visits.  Most are in California and look amazing.  She reviews them and says what dishes she tried and liked.  She’ll talk about the atmosphere and traditions of each restaurant.  Apparently at Jason Mraz’s restaurant, on your birthday you’ll hear his rendition of Happy Birthday.

My favorite section is Everyone Should Know.  Haylie shares simple recipes and tips.  They aren’t always common knowledge type tips and recipes, but they’re simple and useful.  Once you learn them, you’ll want to use them all the time.  One recent post was how to cut a pepper.  I’ve cut bell peppers plenty of times but she shows a different way that gets rid of the seeds much easier.  Her little tips are helpful and make cooking and being in the kitchen that much easier and enjoyable.


4 Responses to “A Real Kitchen”

  1. Casey March 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    Before reading this post, I was not aware Haylie Duff had her own cooking blog. It seems out of character, but at the same time pretty intriguing. It is interesting to see a normal (besides her celebrity status) young adult blog about her adventures with food.

    I like how she has different parts to her blog. Not only does she share her cooking experiences, but she also shares the social aspect of her cooking. I would definitely like to see more of what she creates and who she cooks for. You are right when she says she lets her fans see her real side, showing her cooking, serving for friends, etc.

    Cooking blogs have not been an interest of mine, but I think I will begin to check out more of them. I think they are excellent for finding inspiration. Also, her addition of restaurants to check out is a nice side piece to her blog. I think changing things up and never blogging about the same thing is what makes this type of blog successful.

    • kristinderosa April 14, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

      I really loved this blog post as cooking and baking are two of my favorite things as well. I think that right off the bat you made a great point, that people are more interested in hearing from someone who sounds human and is relatable. I know half the time what I make doesn’t end up looking exactly like the picture. Your blog drove me to check out Haley’s blog and I think it’s a nice format and provides good information. I also agree that the restaurant review section is an interesting touch. Thanks for sharing this, I now have another website to spend hours searching!

  2. thewaysoftheworld April 15, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    I really enjoyed this post with all of your inside baking advice especially on those that blog passionately about baking I think its great. I was unaware of a lot of those baking blogs especially Haylie Duff’s blog. That’s really interesting the things and people you find in the social media world. Reading about different people and the struggles they go through with baking its great because I can relate to those times when you wanted to make something great and it ended up not coming out the way you had envisioned. This was a really informative and helping blog post. Thanks.

  3. Danielle Evans April 17, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    I really enjoy this blog post. I love food, whether it be looking at pictures of it or reading new recipes that my roommates and I would be able to make in our apartment at school. I favor salty foods over sweet, however, I never pass up on reading a new sweet recipe when I get the chance! I think it is fun to read cooking blogs of “real” people. It definitely gives you a different feeling then the feeling you get while watching cooking shows on the Food Network. Professional chefs make everything look so easy and I like realizing that “real” people at there sometimes struggle with cooking and baking just like I do! I will looking into the Recipes and Blog section that you mentioned in your post, thanks for you advice and looking forward to your next post!

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